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A centuries-old mystery: Does this elusive Viking city exist?

After the local government decided to build an observation tower atop a sand hill on [...]

Viking boat hewn in volcano to repel the apocalypse

ICELAND The stone boat containing many animal bones was probably created by the Vikings to prevent [...]

Two things make the strength of Viking warriors

 The Viking era began at the end of the 8th century and lasted until the [...]

The Vikings explored the Americas nearly 500 years before Columbus

Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover the Americas , but new research shows that the [...]

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Coming to Northern Europe, you must definitely visit the unique houses of the Vikings

Houseboats Houseboats are usually built over water with foundations dug deep into the ground. It was [...]

The first evidence that the female warrior of the violent Viking race exists

Viking – One of the most aggressive and brutal tribes in human history turned out [...]

Explore a Medieval Viking Colony

Let’s visit Greenland – the land of the medieval Viking colony. Greenland was a medieval [...]

Fire festival of ‘Viking soldiers’ many people want to know once

Up Helly Aa is the legendary fire festival in Scotland that visitors are looking forward [...]