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Decode the mysterious Viking treasure

Researchers in Scotland have studied and analyzed a series of mysterious artefacts dating back to [...]

“Gender reversal” mystery revealed by thousand-year-old Viking treasure

The new discovery may make us reconsider the real picture of Viking society – the [...]

4 inseparable weapons of the powerful and terrifying tribe in history – The Vikings

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Where is the most remote land the Vikings ever conquered?

In less than 300 years, from Scandinavia they have set foot on at least 4 [...]

3 Lessons From The Viking Lifestyle

According to the historical development of mankind, the footprints of the Vikings cannot be missed. The [...]

Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts in Viking Style

Valentine’s Day February 14 is the occasion when the whole world worships love in the [...]

Startling revelations about the lives of ancient Viking women

Ancient Viking women had many rights such as inheriting property, asking for divorce and reclaiming [...]

3 Notes not to be missed when buying viking bedding set

When buying viking bedding set, most people only pay attention to the design and color [...]