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Primarily marked on the 25th of December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas [...]

Discover how to make Viking metal crafts

The skills of the Vikings in addition to fighting can also include the creation of [...]

Viking Women Power

On the day of their marriage, Viking women were given the keys to the chest [...]

Stories that annoy readers because of the violence and bloodshed in Norse mythology

Most of these stories really test the endurance of lovers of Norse mythology The stories [...]

How was the deceitful god Loki punished after killing the Norse god of light Balder?

Loki was tied to a stone with his son’s lap, and day by day he [...]

The fate of the children of Loki in Norse mythology

In Norse mythology, Loki is a unique and confusing character who both helps and destroys [...]

A centuries-old mystery: Does this elusive Viking city exist?

After the local government decided to build an observation tower atop a sand hill on [...]

Viking boat hewn in volcano to repel the apocalypse

ICELAND The stone boat containing many animal bones was probably created by the Vikings to prevent [...]