3 Notes not to be missed when buying viking bedding set

When buying viking bedding set, most people only pay attention to the design and color of the product. Sometimes consumers forget some extremely important factors that directly affect health and sleep quality. Therefore, you should not ignore the 3 important notes below to be able to choose the best bedding set for your family.

Pay attention to product materials

When buying viking bedding set, you should pay attention to the product label. The label is usually written with full parameters about product materials and origin. According to experts, quality bedding products will usually be made from 100% cotton or at least 80% cotton and 20% cotton. In addition, if you want to buy bedding and mattresses for the winter, you can choose Flannel material because it has the ability to retain heat well. But you should not choose this type of bedding or mattress material for the summer because it will cause heat

3 Notes not to be missed when buying viking bedding set
3 Notes not to be missed when buying viking bedding set

In addition, experts also recommend that consumers should choose bedding products that meet textile fiber standards. Textile fiber density is assessed at a normal level to be about 180 – 220 fibers/10cm2. For example, if the bedding yarn is thin, the product will have the advantage of being soft but will be weaker than the bedding made with larger fabric yarns. Therefore, if the weave is thin, the weave density must be thick. Most high-end bedding products have thin weaves to ensure softness but dense weaves to ensure high durability. Therefore, most bedding types have high weave density. usually have a very high selling price.

Besides, consumers should also choose bedding products made from materials of natural origin. Currently on the market there are many bedding brands made from natural materials such as Song Hong bedding and mattresses. This brand never seems to stop being HOT because it regularly releases new models with good quality and diverse designs. The materials that make up the products of the Song Hong bedding brand are of natural origin, ensuring high durability and comfort when used. Many high-quality Viking Sons Of Odin bedding and mattress products also have antibacterial and absorbent effects that are safe for health.


Choose materials depending on each bedding product

Experts also recommend that, depending on different types of products, consumers should choose according to different criteria. As follows:

How to choose viking blankets and sheets: Choose materials that are soft but smooth and less prone to wrinkling. Choose soft fabrics that have good sweat absorption and high breathability. If possible, choose bedding that has antibacterial properties to prevent allergies and respiratory diseases.

How to choose a pillow: In addition to choosing a pillow according to preference, consumers should also pay attention to choosing a pillow with a height of 12-14cm. You should choose soft cotton pillows with good elasticity. You should choose natural cotton core pillows, do not choose pillows made of artificial or recycled cotton because this type of cotton is very toxic.

How to choose a bed mattress: do not choose a mattress that is too hard or too soft. Choosing a mattress that is too hard will cause discomfort when lying down. But a mattress that is too soft will cause fatigue, and the back will sag, affecting bones and joints…

Choose bedding and mattresses with reputable brands

Currently on the market there are many types of fake and poor quality blankets, pillows and mattresses. These products have many potential health risks. Even many recycled products contain toxic substances that cause allergies or illnesses if used for a long time. Therefore, to ensure safety, consumers should choose to buy bedding and mattresses from reputable big brands. For example, Song Hong bedding and mattresses. To welcome the fall-winter 2018-2019, Viking Sons Of Odin company has also launched many new bedding and mattress models. You can update information about Song Hong bedding and mattress products here: 

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