“Gender reversal” mystery revealed by thousand-year-old Viking treasure

Gender reversal mystery revealed by thousand-year-old Viking treasure 2

The new discovery may make us reconsider the real picture of Viking society – the legendary horned helmeted warriors.

According to  Acient Origins,  a new study on mysterious pendants found from many ancient Viking tombs dating back thousands of years in Denmark, Russia, and England has shown the portrait of a very different leader. compared to the image of Viking warriors described in legend.

Gender reversal mystery revealed by thousand-year-old Viking treasure
Valkyries on ancient pendants were identified as real people, not goddesses, and were female Viking warriors – Photo: Medieval Archeology

Most of them bear the image of a woman with long hair, wearing a hat with decorative details such as a crest, carrying a shield and sword, extremely exquisitely crafted, representing those made specifically for high nobles. grant.

The research team led by professor Pietejan Deckers from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) has linked the mysterious images on these supposedly sacred pendants with “Valkyries” and emphasized the discovery made ” overturning traditional gender norms”.

Valkyries are often depicted as powerful goddesses who have the power to choose who should die and who should live in battle, as well as helping to transport slain warriors to the afterlife.

Medieval Archeology research confirms that Valkyries were actually actual, mythologized women who played important roles in Viking rituals and festivals. So it can be said that traditional gender roles in medieval society were reversed in the Vikings, because the details described, along with some strange ancient tombs unearthed, show that Valkyries were not just queens. spirit, but actually the dominant female warriors.

Alongside the silhouettes of these long-haired Viking leaders are men depicted as somewhat “feminized”, often clutching their locks of hair, a detail that subverts the “rigid male identity”.

Gender reversal mystery revealed by thousand-year-old Viking treasure 2
The Viking tapestry depicts a warrior queen wearing a long dress accompanied by many men – Photo: Medieval Archeology

Combined with images from some previous Viking embroidery, researchers claim it is time to reverse the gender of the Viking leaders depicted in history. The majestic, long-haired, helmeted, shield-carrying and weapon-wearing figures depicted by the Vikings are truly elite and revered female warriors.


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