History of Norse Mythology Part 4

History of Norse Mythology

Norse mythology includes the pre-Christian religion, beliefs and legends of the inhabitants of Scandinavia, including those who settled on the island of Iceland – where much of the written material of Norse mythology is found. . The famous version of Norse mythology is that of the Germanic peoples, which arose from the myths of the pre-existing Indo-European peoples.

The religions of the Nordic peoples are not based on a “truth” transmitted directly from gods to humans (although there are stories of mortals visited by gods) and do not have formal texts such as the Bible. Holy of Christianity or the Quran of Islam. Norse mythology is transmitted orally in the form of long poems. The transmission of Norse religion was stron

History of Norse Mythology

Valhalla is Odin’s castle, where he often celebrates the heroes who have died on the battlefield. Ordinary dead people are never invited. The god Odin had the wild boar Schrimnir slaughtered for a feast. This wild boar is characterized by being eaten every morning, but in the evening it returns to its original form. The heroes are invited to drink molasses from the female goat Heidrum. After the party is over, the heroes entertain themselves by fighting. Every day they brought each other to the field to fight until they cut each other to pieces. It’s just their entertainment. When the meal came, the wounds healed completely and they happily dragged each other back to Valhalla to eat and drink.


The Valkyrio were warlike youths riding horses, wearing helmets and carrying spears. God Odin loves to collect heroic warriors to Valhalla, so he sent these Valkyrios to the battlefield to choose heroes who died in battle (Valkyrio means one who chooses those who die in battle). When they went on a mission, their armor shimmered, illuminating the northern sky. They call it “Aurora Borealis” (Northern Lights).

History of Norse Mythology


Elves, although they are inferior to the gods, they also have many powers. Like the Light Elves also known as the White Angels or the Angels of Light, very beautiful, brighter than the sun, dressed in smooth, transparent goods and appearing to everyone’s eyes as beautiful, worthy children. love. They were in Alfhem, in the territory of Frey, the sun god, they used to play in the sun.


As for the Black Elves or the Dark Elves, the opposite is true, short, ugly, long nose, dirty brown skin. They live in burrows and only appear at night. They are very afraid of the sun because a single ray of sunlight will instantly turn them to stone. Their voices are echoes of solitude. This variety arose from the rotting flesh of the giant Ymir. They were given human disguise by the gods and gave them a deep understanding to know the mysterious signs and mysterious powers of nature. They are very skilled craftsmen specializing in metal and wood work. Among their feats were Thor’s Miollnir hammer and the Skidbladnir they gave Frey. This boat is so big that it can carry all the gods along with their war gear and household utensils. Yet when I fold the boat up, I can put it in my pocket. As for the Miollnir hammer, the story is as follows.

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